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An InterRetire employee benefits package can assist employer’s to recruit and retain key personell spending their working life overseas as expatriates or third country nationals.

As a responsible employer, you want to ensure the welfare of your employees is protected, wherever they may work

You also want to ensure that executives that work overseas enjoy equivalent benefits to those working in their home country

Providing comparable retirement benefits to employee’s home country can be problematic due to variations in local arrangements, differing tax regimes and pension legislation

Our international retirement plans overcome these problems and provide your international executives with a flexible, secure, accessible and portable retirement plan, wherever they are based.


We can offer your key international executives with a flexible, secure and portable international retirement plan, often more suitable than alternative local country plans

Our executive retirement packages offer your employees

  • A wide range of investment funds and currencies
  • Online access for both employers and employees
  • Dedicated corporate administration team to provide specialised service
  • Tax opinions and introductions to tax and estate planning specialists for plan members relocating to their home country

Protect, preserve and enhance your retirement wealth with InterRetire

Find out how an InterRetire Plan can offer you a flexible approach to retirement planning, wealth accumulation and succession planning. Please feel free to leave your email address below and a professional will get in touch to start a conversation with you.