InterRetire offers tax effective portable retirement plans for internationally mobile executives and companies with international operations.

About us

Our plans are based in secure, low taxing, regulated offshore locations

InterRetire Plans provide , international executives, employers and their employees with a flexible, secure and portable retirement benefits plan from bases in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and the British Channel Islands.

  • New Zealand
  • Channel Islands
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

Personal Plans

InterRetire Personal Plans offer a unique platform providing a flexible approach to retirement planning, wealth accumulation and succession planning, consolidating assets in safe tax efficent locations.

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Employer Plans

InterRetire Employer Plans can be set up by employers for one key senior international executive or many employees in multiple countries.

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An unsurpassed level of benefits

  • Flexible contribution levels and retirement date
  • Tax and estate planning benefits
  • International accounting and legal firm tax and estate planning advisory support
  • Flexibility to hold wide range of international assets and currencies in a single structure
  • Assets held in secure regulated international locations
  • Flexibility to appoint international private banks to manage assets
  • Flexibility to create customised investment strategy
  • Online access to your retirement account
  • Flexible, tax efficient international retirement trust structures
  • Each InterRetire Plan member has their own separate plan
  • Tax-free accumulation within the plan
  • Ability for plan members to move between jurisdictions without affecting pension assets
  • High level of asset protection