Opening an Account

​InterRetire partners with a network of professional regulated advisors worldwide including accountants, lawyers and financial planners.

If you are seeking to establish an international retirement plan, please contact InterRetire at [email protected] 

We can provide you with a panel of qualified regulated professionals offering international tax and financial planning advice.

If the InterRetire Plan is determined to be a suitable plan for you, your advisor or InterRetire specialist can assist with the account opening process including;

  1. Provide InterRetire account opening forms
  2. Advice on supporting due diligence such as certified copy of passport and utility account, verifying your residential address
  3. Supporting tax and estate planning advice
  4. Discuss the underlying investment strategy for the plan

Protect, preserve and enhance your retirement wealth with InterRetire

Find out how an InterRetire Plan can offer you a flexible approach to retirement planning, wealth accumulation and succession planning. Please feel free to leave your email address below and a professional will get in touch to start a conversation with you.