Opening an Account

InterRetire partners with a network of professional regulated advisors worldwide.

If you are seeking to establish an international retirement plan, please contact InterRetire at [email protected] and we can provide you with a panel of qualified regulated professionals.

Our professional partners normally covering the following issues when discussing the establishment of an international company plan;

  • Provide you with the legal documentation relating to the scheme
  • Complete the required account opening documentation with you
  • Advise you of the due diligence information that you will be required to submit with your application
  • Discuss the various underlying investment options offered, so that you can make a choice which investment)
  • Discuss the transfer of your regular payroll data to the Trustee and Administrators
  • Discuss the InterRetire standard plan design and obtain further information from you in relation to the areas that can be tailored, such as the vesting period
  • Complete and amend the standard InterRetire Retirement Plan Member Handbook and member communication. The InterRetire Handbook provides each employee with full details of your new employer pension plan.

Next Steps

The account opening forms and due diligence information will be forwarded to either InterRetire or the Trustee of InterRetire.

Once the above process has been completed, the Trustee will contact you confirm the setup of the InterRetire company plan.

At same time, InterRetire will assist the company with member communication including standard memos and staff handbook.

Each employee will complete an enrolment form covering personal employee details, address and beneficiary information and initial investment choices to enable the Trustee to set up each employee in your new plan.

As well as regular employer and employee contributions, employees can elect to contribute additional regular or personal lump sum contributions.

Once the Trustee has processed the enrolment forms and the company is notified the first payroll file can be forwarded by the company to the Trustee and Administrator.

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