An International retirement plan for international employees

A comprehensive employee benefits package can play an important part in the recruitment and retention of key personnel especially if they are spending much of their working life overseas as expatriates or third party nationals.

As an employer, you want to ensure the welfare of their employees is protected wherever they work. At the same time, ensuring employees working overseas enjoy similar benefits to employees working in their home country.

The InterRetire Plan provides international employers with a flexible, secure, accessible and portable plan wherever your employee may be based.

An InterRetire corporate plan can be set up in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and Hong Kong depending upon the location and needs of your international work force.

Key Features:

InterRetire offers companies and groups an international retirement benefits solution with features and benefits including; .

Reduction in Your Workload and Rewards for Your Employees

As an international employer, you will recognise the challenges and problems that may be encountered providing retirement benefits to your international executives.

InterRetire is a retirement solution assisting you with these challenges and problems.

InterRetire provides you with an easily implemented and cost effective means of providing your employees with an attractive, flexible and potentially tax efficient retirement benefits plan.

Looking after your retirement fund in-house can be costly, time consuming and administratively complex.

It is your responsibility as an employer, but as it is not your main businessi. 

You can avoid the complexities, responsibilities and potential liabilities of a retirement scheme administered in-house by setting up an InterRetire employer pension plan.

The InterRetire employer retirement plan relieves you of the trustee and administrative burdens involved in offering your employees a retirement plan. It also provides your employees with a broad range of investment choices and online access, making their personal account easier to manage themselves.

Economies of Scale

InterRetire can offer your company economies of scale.  A company retirement plan established based on an international master trust structure benefiting from  lower product and investment fees compared to in house options.

Potential Tax Efficiencies

In a number of jurisdictions, tax incentives may be available to both you and your employees, providing an additional financial incentive to establish an offshore retirement scheme.

InterRetire corporate plans are based in both Hong Kong and Guernsey, Channel Islands.

The InterRetire trust itself is not subject to Hong Kong or Guernsey income tax or capital gains tax.

Portability and Flexibility

Your InterRetire employer retirement plan will allow you to contribute on behalf of your employees (subject to local legislation and Trustee approval) from anywhere in the world.

InterRetire is an ideal alternative to either local or multinational pooling schemes.

As InterRetire is global, you can continue to contribute on behalf of your employees if they are regularly moving between countries.

Dedicated Client Services Manager

You will be allocated a dedicated Client Services Manager when you open your InterRetire employer retirement plan who will work with you to co-ordinate services to you and your employees. This will ensure that your payroll manager will have a dedicated contact for any day-to-day queries. This dedicated Client Services Manager will ensure personalised service and that your needs are recognised and met.

Recruitment Incentives

An international retirement solution represents a key component of an executive’s overall remuneration package and therefore if you provide a retirement plan, it can assist you in the recruitment, retention and motivation of key executives.

There is certain flexibility in the InterRetire product for you to make decisions as to how you wish to structure your company plan including preservation and vesting rules.

Online Access for You and Your Employees

Once your InterRetire employer pension plan has been established, each of your employees will receive an account number and password to enable him or her to access their personal records and investment portfolio online.

You can also nominate company representatives to receive an account number and password, allowing them administration access. This will allow them to access all your employees’ records from one central place.

Investment Links

InterRetire offers links to wholesale investments funds, global discretionary investment managers and Private Banks.

You choose from a selection of investment funds that you wish to use for your InterRetire employer pension plan.

You can decide the investment choice available for  employees or you can allow flexibility and simply leave your employees to decide their own investment strategy.

Competitive, Transparent Fees

Your InterRetire employer retirement plan will be  based on either a Hong Kong and the Channel Islands Master Trust Deed enabling your InterRetire Employer Plan to be established in an  efficent, timely and streamlined manner. 

InterRetire is  cost effective compared to the costs of implementing a personalised company plan.


Hong Kong

Trustee: Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited
18/F Cosco Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong.

Bank Consortium Trust is a company incorporated in Hong Kong and registered as a trust company under the Trustee Ordinance in Hong Kong . It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Consortium Holding Limited, owned by eight Hong Kong Financial Institutions. (www.bcthk.com).

Regulatory Environment

The Regulatory Authority responsible for regulation of Hong Kong based retirement benefit plans is the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority “ MPFA” (As the Registrar of the Occupational Retirement Schemes)

Refer MPFA web site www.mpfa.org.hk for more details.

Channel Islands

Trustee: Overseas Pensions and Benefits Limited
Registered in Guernsey under Registration Number: 39935 .   

The Trustee is a fully owned member of the Overseas Trust and Pension Limited group .


Regulator Environment

The Trustee of InterRetire Channel Islands, Overseas Pensions and Benefits Limited, is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission pursuant to the Regulation of Fiduciaries, Administration Business and Company Directors, etc (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2000.

Refer to the Guernsey Financial Services Commission web site for more details.

Protect, preserve and enhance your retirement wealth with InterRetire

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